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My personal work consists mainly of film and alternative print work, with some DSLR and iPhone images thrown in the mix. Working with alternative printing methods means harnessing the analog beauty of antique cameras and traditional film, and combining it with the power and precision of modern technology. It really is an exciting hybrid. My favorites are cyanotypes (blue) and van dyke prints (brown), but I've also worked with vegetable colors (anthotypes), coffee developers and stains, and salt prints. 

I truly love these hands-on, analog art processes that lend so much soul to the finished product. Whether I'm carefully brushing light-sensitive solution onto watercolor paper, pulling an antiqued print out of a coffee bath, or holding up a freshly developed roll of film to the light, there's a thrill to these techniques that digital photography simply cannot rival. I poured my heart into learning this craft, until it became too difficult to maintain as our family grew. It still gives me pleasure to remember that my dedication to this art form was rewarded with appearances in galleries, magazines, and books. I still hope to return to my unfinished alternative print projects once all my kids are in school. 


1650 Gallery - Los Angeles, CA

ArtsEye Gallery - Tucson, AZ

Charles Taylor Arts Center - Hampton, VA

Ferry Plantation House - Virginia Beach, VA 

Kat Kiernan Gallery - Lexington, VA 

Lightbox Photographic - Astoria, Oregon

Old Coast Guard Station - Virginia Beach, VA 

Peninsula Fine Arts Center - Virginia Beach, VA 

Suffolk Art Gallery - Suffolk, VA 

Magazines and Blogs: 

"Antiche Techniche: Cianotipie con Intonazione al Caffè" - Classic Camera Magazine #91 (2014) Link to Article

“Dreamy and Timeless” – Feature in Top Photography Films (October 2013): Link to Article

“Magnolia, Infrared Film" - Optiko Analog Photography Zine (2012)

“8 Exposures with Britta Hershman”-  Impossible Project Blog (2011)

“Sunsoaked,” “Leafburst,” “Blossom,” “Upside Up” - F-Stop Group Exhibition (2011)


Adam, Rhiannon. Polaroid: The Missing Manual. The Complete Guide." London, Thames & Hudson, 2017. 

Kelnreiter, Marlene. 101 Ways to do Something Impossible. Vienna: Impossible Project, 2011.

Competitions & Awards: 

“Ghosts in the Garden” – Impossible Project Spectacularly Creative Contest Winner (2013)

“Earth, Water, Air and Fire” – John Batdorff Black and White Photography Awards Honorable Mention (2011)

“Queen Anne’s Lace” – iPhone Photography Awards, Flowers Category Winner (2013)

“Behind Bars” - 4th Annual Curious Camera Show, Honorable Mention, ArtsEye Gallery (2012)

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Untitled photo

Queen Anne's Lace

Untitled photo

Sunsoaked, Leafburst, Blossom, Upside UP

Untitled photo

More Impossible Film

Spinach Anthotypes