About the Olive Branch

Why the Olive Branch? 

The olive branch was originally a symbol of peace in ancient Mediterranean cultures, and its meaning can also encompass a personal sense of peace. My oldest child was diagnosed with autism last year. As my family has been coming to terms with what this means for us and how it’s going to shape our future and our children’s future, I've slowly  been learning how to be at peace with a situation without having all the answers in hand. Sometimes our journeys don’t go in the straight lines we expect, but there’s beauty to be found in the brambles as well. Sometimes an unexpected detour can turn out to be the more scenic route, and it's quite possible to find peace in a place where we least expect it. 

Having a child with autism has given me a heart for other children with special needs and their families. I’m familiar with some of the behavioral and eye contact issues in autistic children that can make a portrait session more difficult. And I know a parent’s anxiety when it’s time to bring an autistic child into a new situation and you’re wondering how much explaining of your child’s behavior you're going to have to do, and if the teacher/instructor/photographer will be accommodating. While I don’t have a magic wand to eliminate challenging behaviors during a photo shoot, I can certainly offer a listening ear and a flexible approach. Take a deep breath, start a conversation with me, and let’s plan a session together that’s as unique as your little one.