Family and Children's Photography in San Diego, CA

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Hi! I'm Britta, nice to meet you! I’m a visual person, I love finding the beauty in everything around me, and I appreciate all things historic, timeless, and dreamy. I adore my three little kids and am amazed by their differences: my brainy oldest son who is on the autism spectrum, and my boy-girl twins, one of whom is a big softie who wears his emotions on his sleeve and the other shy, sweet, and tough as nails. Inspired by my own children, I specialize in children's photography and incorporate my love for parks, gardens, and historic architecture into every photo session.

The photographic journey that brought me to where I am today began with a literal journey. My husband and I lived in Naples, Italy for a year, and we happily spent every free moment exploring. It was an unbelievable year. I spent part of it working as a tour guide at an underground Greco-Roman aqueduct, where 140 steps will take you back 2,400 years in history, and you can run your fingers along the grooves left by the tools of the workers who dug both spacious water cisterns and claustrophobic tunnels into the soft, yellow volcanic rock. Back on the surface: life, death, scooters, coffee, graffiti, and decadent baroque treasures of immeasurable value compete for attention. It’s a mixture of boisterous chaos, sacred silences, and decaying  beauty that  no other city in the world can rival. It captured my heart, and in turn I did my best to capture its impossible beauty with my camera. The city affected me profoundly and still influences the aesthetic of my photography to this day. 

Bella Napoli

Once my husband and I returned to the U.S., I found my new creative muse in film photography and handmade prints. I was drawn to all things historic, analog, imperfect, and unpredictable  that might lend my photos a deeper soul. I worked with a wooden box camera from the 1890s, accordion-style cameras, plastic cameras, Polaroids, and a homemade pinhole camera. I eventually embraced alternative photography, which is a hybrid between historic and modern methods that allowed me to use old-fashioned chemicals, brushes, watercolor paper, and sunshine to create handmade prints of my digital photos. And I also fell in love with a dreamy instant film that, to me, was absolutely perfect in its imperfection. 

When I became a Mama of three, my photographic outlook changed completely once again. I came to appreciate my digital camera in a new way, and I learned how rewarding it is to photograph people, especially children. I love capturing their unique littleness,  their tiny hands, their emotions. Their boundless energy and their stillness. And I love placing them in picturesque surroundings, both natural and architectural. My children have taught me a lot, and to my surprise they've also helped shape my photographic style and what inspires me to shoot the way I do today.

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